My Setup

My setup is a bit fluid but there are some workflows that I’ve found to work for me. I will try to focus on what works for me in the long term, a sort of living copy of my post about my Fedora tweaks.


I sometimes work from the office but I have little say in the hardware there so I will focus on what I have at home. I do work most days from home so it’s the better working environment for me anyway.


I’ve been using my trusty Dell XPS 13 9370 (maxed out) for about five years already. It’s a bit underpowered by today standards but my hobby projects don’t require much. I also have Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 (also maxed out) for my professional work, which is a lot more powerful, and even then, I find myself using a compilation server a lot of times.


I have a single Dell U2721DE monitor. I will explain later about my software workflow but after several years with two medium screens, I’ve realized one big monitor works better for me. The monitor also connects by type-C which let me switch between my personal and professional laptops at ease.


My mice have in total 20 buttons, which might seem excessive but I do actually use most of them. I chose the Logitech G600 mostly because of its price and for a while now I’ve been looking for a wireless alternative that won’t cost me a kidney.


My keyboard is the most boring piece of equipment of my setup in my opinion. I have a tenkeyless keyboard from Leopold with Cherry MX Brown switches. The current model is LEOPOLD FC750R PD Dark Blue but I plan on buying a wireless one soon.


I’ve been using Fedora for several years now, since Fedora 22. Up until recently I’ve used Fedora Workstation which is the flagship variant of the Fedora Project. Now I’m trying out Fedora Silverblue but I’m not sure if I will stay on it for the long term. My work laptop is running Ubuntu Desktop LTS but I try to keep the setup in sync as much as possible.

I’m using a default GNOME shell without many tweaks, only changing a few keyboard shortcuts. I have no extensions in my Fedora setup but I’ve kept the default extensions from Ubuntu in my work laptop.


Fish is one of the life changing programs in my setup and I recommend it for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in the terminal. The syntax is sane, the completion is nice and the best of all, I don’t need to tweak it at all. I do have some aliases and fzf but I don’t really need them that much.


My editor of choice is Neovim. Detailing my setup will take a while so I will keep it for another day.